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We are pleased to introduce our new line of Inktech ink cartridges for your digital printers.

These high quality inks are produced by a reputable and well known manufacturer. They are 100% compatible , same colours, properties and warranty as the OEM inks and you will not have to flush your machine. These inks are also formulated to print with your existing and original OEM settings no colour profiling is required. You can also utilize one or all of our inks along with other OEM ink cartridges (mix and match). They also have the same durability and print quality as the OEM inks. It is truly a plug and print option.

Because these inks are fully compatible with your OEM inks - no head wash is required. Simply do a pump up and then fill ink in the user menu.

We are fully confident that you will have no issues with our inks that in any case where there is a problem, we will gladly take back any unopened and unused inks.

We also offer full technical support and service technicians available to you if you require any assistance.

Please contact us if you require any inks or have further questions.